Alfred Walterspiel (1881-1960), one owner of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten.

Brother Walterspiel

• 1926: The brothers Alfred (1881-1960) and Otto (1884-1974) Walterspiel buy the hotel. Alfred is a famous cook, Otto a businessman. In 1910 they had acquired the Hiller Restaurant in Berlin from Lorenz Adlon (founder of the Hotel Adlon), which they turned into a succes, but after the end of the reign of the monarchy, their restaurant has no more clients. The Walterspiel moved to Munich where they opened the fashionable Walterspiel Restaurant (initially located on Fürstenstrasse). The city of Munich was content to find them as a buyer of the struggeling Hotel.
• 1927: The Walterspiel brothers renovate the Hotel and soon they were organizing one spectacular event after another, again the Hotel is in the public eye, a big success in the world of Palace Hotels. The Walterspiel brothers were living on the 5th floor of the north western backside of the Hotel.