Emperess Eugenie

Emperess Eugenie (1826-1920)
• 1853: Eugenie de Montijo marries Napoleon III, their main residence is the « Palais des Tuileries » located between the Louvre and the jardin des Tuileries, very close to the Meurice. Many foreign relations of the Imperial couple stay at the Meurice.
• 1854: Construction of Villa Eugenie, summer home for the French Emperor Napoleon III and Emperess Eugenie. The architect is Hippolyte Durand, followed by Louis-Auguste Couvrechef.
• 1855: Grand opening of the Villa – Napoleon III gives many hi profile receptions.
• 1858: Portrait of the Emperess with view on the grande plage de Biarritz.
• 1873: Empress Eugenie inherits the Villa on the death of Napoleon III.
• 1880: The Empress sells the Hotel to the Banque de l’Union Parisienne. Villa Eugenie becomes the Palais Biarritz, a Casino Hotel.

Napoleon III and Emperess Eugenie