Grand Hotels of the are part of Phone Book of the
The sites were invented at Cremerie de Paris, a place full of History.

VB mansion Paris
1370 - 1671 home of the Villeroys, State Advisors,
pied-à-terre of the Bourbons, Kings of France.
1646 - 1654 Louis XIV spend parts of his childhood in our house.

Grand Hotels of the

The 5 in our logo does not only represent the Grand Hotels 5 Stars.
It is part of our historic staircase Nicolas "V" de Villeroy, teacher of Louis XIV, build in 1640.
The presence of the young King left an aura to our house ...

1671 Cremerie de Paris became a avant-garde Telecom company
Horses were carryng mail from the VB mansion in Paris
to Pajot & Rouillé or Thurn & Taxis post relais around western Europe,
many of these relais also called Cheval Blanc, Lion d'Or, Hotel de la Poste turned into Hotels

Empress EugénieHalles Centrales
1869 - 1970 Cremerie de Paris turned into a cheese store at the Halles Centrales food market.
This was the time we had a special connection to the World of Grand Hotels.
Many Grand Hotels came alive

Many iconic Hoteliers came by to find products for their restaurants:
Johannes Badrutt,
Cesare Ritz and Auguste Escoffier, Berthold Kempinski, Lorenz Adlon,
Anna Sacher, Aviet Sarkies, Octavio Guinle,
Henri Ruhl, Antoine Sella, Conrad Hilton, Hippolyte Jammet,.....
Some met Empress Eugenie, others Aimée de Heeren.

Everybody was fascinated by the beauty of our Rue des Halles
the young Empress Eugenie had once imagined
from her Biarritz summer residence, the Hotel du Palais.
She liked to show the Pavillons Baltard and the Cremerie de Paris to her visitors.
1870 Eugénie had to leave France but she lived until 1920 and told the stories to a little girl,
who later repeated them to her own children,
among them Anastasia Romanov, great-aunt of the editor of this website.
1970 The story came to an end with the departure of the Halles Centrales foodmarket.

But when a place has a lot of magic,
sometimes a story that left
is a story that returns ...

1987 Cremerie de Paris reopened
as a Sony Phone Boutique growing into the first Internet Cafe in Paris.
The Cybercafe reconnected us to the World of Grand Hotels ...
The first visitors were Americans travelling through Paris where internet was still unknown
One was the assistant of Dr Jon Postel, he pushed us how to get iconic domain names
like our Two Letter

Aimee de HeerenAimee de Heeren
1999 Others came to for "internet lessons" :
Princess Soraya, had been to many Grand Hotel as Queen
She helped us to create a Hotel History website ...
Guy de Rothschild also knew the financial aspects of many Hotels
Aimée de Heeren once a Brazilian Secret Service agent and girlfriend of Joseph Kennedy Jr
had already been to the 1923 Opening Party of the Copacanbana Palace.

Cremerie de Paris staircase with logo N°5Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanov
Aimée knew Cremerie de Paris from Dmitri Romanov and Coco Chanel,
in love with the N°5 of our staircase.
Their Hotel Stories were so crazy & funny books should be written - at least you find some in our website ...


2011 Cremerie de Paris was converted into a Brand Expo location.
While working on our Hotel pages we host the coolest Product Launch events,
sometimes called Pop Up Stores.
a little bit like a "Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands".
Above Fan video was made for an Expo imagined by Thierry Bisseliches from My Pop Up Store
for Pokemon.


Hotel du Palais in Biarritz